Patience And The Art Of Bronze Statue Crafting

Everyone has some artistic skill and it is always interesting to see how that expresses itself. For those that have some technical skills as well as a great sense of proportion, bronze statue crafting can be a great way to show what they can do. For example, using statues like deer can show exactly how much fun they can have when it comes to posing their subjects as well as how lifelike they can make them. But let us talk about what it takes to really get into the craft.

Bronze statue crafting is definitely one of the more expensive hobbies one can get into, especially given the price of the materials; between wax and bronze alone some the costs can get a little extravagant, even for some of the smaller pieces. There are some ways to cut down on costs but it is still going to be a little expensive.

However, that is the only really bad news and if the potential sculptor is willing to deal with that, then it is just a matter of getting a little experience sculpting and having fun with wax.

The Art and Science

Most bronze sculptures start with a wax sculpture of some sort from which a mold is developed. It is important to develop a certain patience in order to sculpt the best pieces; while they do not need to be lifelike they do need to express enough of the subject in order to get the point across.

For example, using statues like deer, you can choose to express the grace of movement that so many love about the deer, or it could be the inherent majesty of the creature. However, it can be as lifelike or as abstract as needed to express whatever the sculptor is trying to express.

However, the wax is somewhat forgiving and willing to work with the artist allowing for techniques that just would not apply to other forms of sculpture, especially less forgiving substances like stone or glass. Once the sculpture has been finished it is just a matter of making a mold using the wax sculpture.

A Good Sculpture Molding Model

Once a mold has been made the bronze is poured in, although there are different techniques for creating hollow or solid statues that need to be allowed. Once the sculpture has been given a chance to cool down the mold is broken and the statue is essentially ready.

The sculpture does need to be buffed out for a smoother finish, of course, and any obvious seams dealt with A good sculptor can virtually eliminate the seams in the casting, simplifying the buffing, and so creating a better statue. Once the statue is ready, be it a deer, a human, or something more abstract, it is ready for presentation and possibly moving to its final resting place.

Interestingly, a lot of sculptors take time to even design the stand itself for the statue, adding to the effect of the statue. Bronze statue crafting is not for impatient, but the time it takes to create a gorgeous statue is well worth it.


Irma Robinson has been an artist for 30 years and loves to paint, sculpt, and write. She lives in Southern California with her husband and dog Smitty.